What Seperates Me From You

Becky. Long island. Philau. My blog is a bumble fuck of how I'm feeling.

this is way too accurate. @sarahhope211 #instagramlesssean  (at Lancaster Host Expo Center)
excuse me monkey, that’s my hair. #rude but #cute #NACA

I want someone to look at me and think “wow, you mean so much to me, I don’t ever want to lose you”. I want to be shown I actually matter because man am I sick of chasing after people who don’t even want to be in my life in the first place.

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I had an incredible weekend with these fools. I literally could not have laughed harder if I tried. I’m so thankful to not only call you my team but good friends. 💘 @sarahhope211 @kiayaaah @bsmithmc @rach_my_fav #instagramlesssean (at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, uSA)
these ladies were hysterical. #frangelina #naca

go to teach class and @gina__daniella made me a fancy ass meal. #bestfriend👏😊💘